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This constitutes the information of the company, towards consumers, intended to regulate the sale and purchase operations that are carried out by users with SOLUCIONES ELÉCTRICAS INDUSTRIALES NVH  ANONYMOUS SOCIETY OF VARIABLE CAPITAL


• All the merchandise offered by SOLUCIONES ELÉCTRICAS INDUSTRIALES NVH  SA DE CV are subject to availability. Before confirming the purchase, you must verify the probable date of delivery of the merchandise, considering that the acceptance of the purchase constitutes the acceptance of the probable date of delivery.

• The images of the merchandise are exclusively illustrative, and the color presented on the screen may vary.  

• The measurements are presented in the metric system, so prior to the purchase confirmation, it is recommended to verify the identification form of the measurements located.  

• Products offered as promotional are subject to availability.

• Prices are indicated in Mexican pesos and may vary in the event of a devaluation in the exchange rate. To which the amount corresponding to the Value Added Tax is added.

• Discounts are applied on the regular price to the public, less the promotion that corresponds at that time.

• The banks, participating bank cards and months without applicable interest must be consulted prior to accepting the purchase.




The content of this web portal, its text, graphics, images, and information is for informational purposes only, and cannot be considered as specialized advice.

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