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Committed to quality!

With an experience of more than 30 years in the industry At SE Industriales we offer our clients products and services of the highest quality.



Hermosillo, Sonora

  • Migration of the ultrasound welding machine control system at the IACNA Hermosillo Son plant .


Peñoles Mina la Parreña

Sonora, Mexico

  • Engineering Development for the Installation of 12 12 ”Magnetic Flow Meters for Irrigation System in Terreros La Parreña Mine, Milpillas Sonora Grupo Peñoles.


Mexican copper

  • Supply, development and integration of the control system for 4 gas cooling hoods in the Pierce Smith converters of Metalúrgica del copper.

  • Vibration System Update for Compressors No. 1, 2 and 3. In oxygen plants.

  • Supply, development and integration of the control system for the cleaning blowing of 2 sack houses in Metalúrgica del Cobre.

  • Supply and Installation of Power Bus to Cranes 114 Tons. Copper metallurgy.

  • Migration of the control system of the Alambrón Plant, Mexican company of Copper Unit Caridad Nacozari Sonora.

  • Migration of the control system for the Smelting Plant Steam Dryer.

  • Migration of control system and HMI consoles for electric ovens. 

  • Segmentation of control networks for burners and cooling hoods of Pierce Smith converters.


Grupo México Mina Caridad

Nacozari, Sonora

  • Supply, integration and start-up of a robotic system for handling cathode copper samples.

  • Commissioning of a robotic system for washing and polishing cathodes.

  • Modernization of control of the ESDE plant cathode stripping machine.

  • Design, installation of 2 cathode transfer mechanisms in Nacozari mine operator stripping machine.

  • Modernization of 4 speed control and regulation systems for cargo stackers in area 24 and area 25 of the company's Charity.

  • Design, integration, installation and commissioning of the new control systems for the 9 copper-molybdenum thickeners and glue systems of the la charidad unit.

  • Design, integration and wireless control distributor of loading fine warehouse tripper.

  • Supply and installation of pipelines for control network to 30 motorized valves via modbus communication.

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Ford plant

Hermosillo, Sonora

  • Supply, integration and commissioning of the control panel New section of the bodywork area.

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Nacobre Plant


  • Modernization of the Combustion and Control system to Shaft Furnace.

  • Installation and commissioning of the Vallejo Shaft furnace combustion gas sampling system.

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Pachuca, Hidalgo

  • Reconditioning of tunnel kiln for curing earthenware, Sanitary plant.

  • Migration of 32 burners and control system of tunnel kiln No. 3

  • Migration of 32 burners and control system of tunnel kiln No. 2

Ingeniera Industrial


Create value with our clients, improving competitiveness and joint productivity, covering the needs of the industry in general, providing services in automation, control and instrumentation of processes and electrical installations, under the broadest schemes of responsibility and professionalism.


To be an industrial and services group, where Total commitment to the Client , alliances and agility in our processes; allow us to be one of the most important and competitive companies in the development of solutions and sale of equipment in our line of business, creating in our clients a value of commitment and reliability.

Quality politics

At SE Industriales we are committed to offering solutions in automation, control and instrumentation, as well as the supply of equipment for the processes and facilities of our clients under the scheme of total quality and professionalism, meeting the highest expectations of our clients.

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